domingo, 16 de mayo de 2010

I´m Lurdes and it is my description of the work of art called " El Balandrito" painted by Sorolla
This magnificient painting wich is in front yours eyes is located in the xxxxx museum .
In the upper right hand corner we can ovserve a small piece of the beach .
The main figure in the paint is the boy with his sailing boat although the sea has an important role such as the child´s body .
In the middle we see a mix of colours where the sun casts its light .
On the bottom of the paint the brush strokes are somewath longer and the dark collours made to distinguish the deep sea .
In my oppinion it is a wonderful painting that I love personally to wach .

sábado, 15 de mayo de 2010

winter resort

Hello I´m Lurdes .

It´s my description of Navacerrada´s winter resort
This resort is located in the nort of the Madrid mountains , from town down 50 minutes away
being the uniquelly winter resort in the Spain capital. In this one there are six grand slopes and two slopes for practicing the cross-country skiing .
the resort also there are five bungallows that the people often use for sleeping and spend the weekend .
this is a beautiful place where the children enjoy of outdoors with many snow and trees .
The Navacerrada winter resort is the ideal place for enjoing a young familly with three children .

miércoles, 12 de mayo de 2010


My name is Carmen. I studying english for tourism in first course.
For me speak english is very difficult but I have to try learning this language in case in the future I will have that speak it.
I would like that the students and other people writte in this web, it seems funny and furthermore, us have learning english for us can go to other country and can comunicate with yours people.
good night

viernes, 3 de julio de 2009


It is time to the best days in the year...the HOLIDAYS!!!
I can`t go now,but i will do a cruise in october during 10 days and going to diferent cities as some as Mikonos,Estambul,Venecia....
The cruises are bigs boat with a cappacity for 2000person or more....
The cruise have 400 workers and have all you need,casino,discoteque,spa, is a city in the water.
The prices are around 1000€ and it is incluyed the food,drinks but without incluying the excursion in different cities.
The best company of cruises are MSC,but nowadays diferent companys as some as Pullmantur or Costa Cruceros ofering several prices with diferent options to do great offers.

martes, 16 de junio de 2009


In summer, people enjoy holidays with friends, family, couple... They can choose beach, mountain or city.

In the other hand, some people will work to save money and then they travel anywhere without stress.

From my point of view, I prefer beach since I want to sunbathe in some wonderful place. So, I´m going to work in the morning and then I will go to the beach since it is near. I like going to Tenerife in September again. So, I´ll stay several days to relax there.

Finally, I hope you a nice holidays.

See you soon!!



Sport and exercise are important part of my life.

First because I like sport.I like much to go by bike, play tennis,go to walk,run and go to train the futbol.In the weekend game in a female football club. I don´t like cricket, motor racing and boxing.

Second: I believe that sport is very healthy for health.De stays in shape and in my case I can relax and sleep better at night.

My advice is that everyone practises some or she likes several sports during the week since it is good for health and fun.

You don´t need a lot of money for sports just takes time and dedication.

In the city there are several gyms, swimming pools, tennis courts,football fields, etc.

And you likes sport?

viernes, 12 de junio de 2009


I like latin music,classical m,traditional,pop,chamber and opera because I enjoy listening.i didn´t like heavy metal music and reggae music because to harvest a very loud music and I don´t like.

The last concert of music I went last year was in santiago where I went to listen to and Sabina and Serrat.Only can hear a half-hour concert as it had bad weather, and it rained so they stopped.
I also like playing guitata and flauta.I like to know playing the piano.

I don´t like playing the drums.

What music likes you?